Bangla Beer is commited to raising £1000 for the Valerie Taylor Trust.

Bangla supports CRP

CRP: Founded in 1979 in response to the desperate need for services for spinal injured patients, the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) has developed into an internationally respected organisation. CRP focuses on a holistic approach to rehabilitation, recognising that all aspects of the rehabilitation process are vital for its success:

• Physical rehabilitation: through medical and therapeutic interventions and the provision of appropriate mobility aids
• Psychological rehabilitation: through counselling and sharing of experiences
• Economic rehabilitation: through vocational re-training and assistance in securing micro-credit loans
• Planned discharge: for a successful reintegration into the community, ensuring that the home environment is as safe and accessible as possible and that local residents are educated about disability, its causes and consequences

The holistic nature of CRP's work is reflected in the fact that its work covers several areas of development including human rights, poverty alleviation, health care provision and education.

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